I'm Meg. If you’re looking to capture a story, I’d Love To help you tell it.


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As a former newspaper reporter, I fell in love with human interest stories. Putting the spotlight on people- who they were, and what they did- brought me more joy than police news and town meetings.

Now I enjoy blogging and writing feature stories on the subject matter I love best: people.

Here's what I do:
-Freelance story writing
-Blog writing and strategy
-Website copywriting & sales pages
-Email sequences/sales funnels

My Specialties
Food & Beverage
Profiles (makers, business owners, and more)


My first business, MegaBug Photography, focused on portraits and weddings where I documented moments, holding them in time to be enjoyed forever.

Now I enjoy telling the stories of makers: crafters, artisans, and anyone handy.

Here's what I do:
-Product and styled

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Awesome Clients

I love working with Meg! She is a reliable and talented writer. We have collaborated on a number of projects. I have consistently been impressed with her ability to stay on top of deadlines and she is a dream to work with — organized, efficient, warm and fun.
— Mint Ketthin - Rootastes

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