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Managed Marketing

Looking for a way to keep yourself in the spotlight? Our Managed Marketing services utilize our five umbrella skills of Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Public Relations, and Social Media to create a customized monthly package of all things marketing.


Businesses have only two functions- marketing and innovation
— Milan Kundera


Upon meeting with you, we will evaluate your needs and how they fit into three tiers so you can evaluate your budget and choose which package fits. All tiers include a:

  • Monthly Marketing Plan

Delivered monthly, the marketing plan will include objectives and tasks to be completed by us throughout the month, with a simple to-do list for you. Everyone's happy when we work together!

  • Marketing Summary

Delivered at the end of the month, the Marketing Summary will describe tasks completed by us and their reach or effect, whether it be social media engagement or website visits.

  • Social Media Strategizing

We will completely re-do your campaign, photographing and writing posts that coordinate with your branding and message. Not only will you stand out with a look of professionalism, we have a few schemes to keep you at the top of your followers' newsfeeds.

  • Public Relations

Hoping to spread your news or need help touching up your website content, or even a letter? We love to write!

  • Website Updates/Blog

Depending on your website provider, we can make updates, revise content, and assist in keeping your blog active.