Local Chef Invited to Speak at Cherry Bombe Jubilee

Emshika Alberini at Cherry Bombe Jubilee.jpeg

NEW YORK CITY—Emshika Alberini, owner and chef of Littleton’s Chang Thai Café, was invited to speak at Cherry Bombe Jubilee, a daylong conference dedicated to women in the food industry.

Jubilee was started by Cherry Bombe Magazine co-founders Kerry Diamond and Claudia Wu as an outlet for women in the food industry to come together, network, make friends, and build community. The event was sponsored by Whole Foods Market New York City and included Food Network TV personality, Nigella Lawson as the keynote speaker. Alberini has been a supporter of Cherry Bombe over the past few years and was featured on Radio Cherry Bombe in 2016.

According to Diamond on her Instagram account, “No one exemplifies the Bombe Squad better than this awesome individual. Joyous, positive, grateful, hardworking, smart. She came here from Thailand with very little and has built a small empire for herself in New Hampshire. Emshika, you’re an inspiration!”

In her speech, “Cooking With Love,” Emshika spoke on her journey from corporate employee to restaurateur.

“I never expected to be a chef when I grew up,” Alberini revealed. “I didn’t know how to cook, so how could I start a restaurant on my own? But then I remembered- I love to eat!”

The inspiration for her now popular Chang Thai Café came from Alberini’s sister, Ann. “I entered the food industry as a result of her spirit,” Alberini explained.

The sisters had planned on opening a restaurant as a way to be together. Ann tragically passed away in an accident back in 2006, heightening Alberini’s desire to start their restaurant.

“[Chang Thai Café] is dedicated to my sister and I have felt her guiding me ever since.”

This year marks Chang Thai Café’s tenth year in business. Alberini is currently working on a food and beverage line, By Emshika, and recently opened the multi- brand coffee and gift shop, POP-M a few doors down from Chang Thai Café.

“Food is more than a meal; it’s how you nourish your body and soul,” noted Alberini. “To me, food doesn’t have to be fancy. If it takes you back to a time in your memory or brings you closer to your loved ones, your food has fulfilled its mission.”

To learn more about Emshika Alberini, visit www.emshika.com. To visit Chang Thai Café, stop by their 77 Main Street location or place your take-out order on www.changthaicafe.com. To learn about Cherry Bombe Magazine, visit www.cherrybombe.com.