Support LACC For Town Beautification

LITTLETON—On March 14, the Littleton community has the opportunity to ensure that Littleton continues to attract a robust number of visitors by maintaining a vibrant and welcoming downtown.

The Chamber is asking taxpayers to vote yes on Article 21, which would put $15,000 directly towards downtown beautification.

“Economic development is the number one priority of the Chamber,” noted Interim Executive Director Jessica Bunker, “which is why we advocate for downtown beautification. From our recent experience with the UNH First Impressions program, we found that these downtown beautification efforts are working. These elements are playing a huge role in branding our area as a destination, making us stand out to potential visitors. In order for us to continue developing new ways to attract visitors to our area, we need to ensure we have the funds to do so.”

Along with maintaining the pianos for the Littleton Piano Project and holiday lighting, the Chamber is also responsible for maintaining the town’s magnificent flower displays that run up and down Main and Porter Streets from June through September.

Bunker revealed that the flowers began as an adopt-a-plant program organized by the Chamber. Unfortunately, the flowers were unable to reach full magnitude or had to be replaced due to inconsistent watering.

“Each plant requires two to three gallons of water per day, even when it rains,” noted Bunker. “The heat effect of the buildings dries the flowers quickly, which is why we had trouble keeping the flowers alive using an adopt-a-plant program.”

To keep the flowers vibrant throughout the season, the Chamber hires a contractor to maintain the strict four-month daily watering schedule. As Bunker explained, “Our contractor fills a gigantic sap tub in the back of his pick-up truck with water, then takes a ladder to each lamp post to water the flowers. This is typically done early in the morning when the parking spaces are clear.”

Along with watering, the flowers have to be fed once a week. The daily maintenance cost adds up, totaling $3,500.

 “We as a Chamber take pride in our town’s appearance and know local residents do as well,” noted Bunker. “By maintaining the welcoming feeling that Littleton is known for, we attract visitors year after year. To continue these efforts, we need help maintaining downtown beautification.”

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