Taste & Tunes event postponed

LITTLETON—After much deliberation, the Littleton Area Chamber of Commerce has decided to postpone their mid-June Taste & Tunes event until next year. Due to the restructuring of Chamber staff late last year, Executive Director Mollie White and Assistant Director Jessica Bunker have decided to take a fresh approach on Chamber events.

“Before we jumped into planning this year’s events,” explained White, “we took a step back and thought of how best to allocate our time and resources to bring our community the most enjoyable and robust events possible.”

Bunker added, “We are continuously striving for excellence. If the Chamber feels something is going to be less than that, we will allocate those resources to make something already excellent even better.”

The Chamber has decided to combine strong elements from Taste & Tunes with September’s Littleton Art Festival, which has been extended to a weekend long event. Along with visual arts, performing and culinary arts will be on this year’s agenda.

In planning for next year’s Taste & Tunes, White is on a mission to “find out what resources are in the area and collaborate. It’s the Chamber’s job to facilitate partnerships amongst our members, and we are now in the process of doing this for ourselves.”

This year's Littleton Art Festival is slated for Sept. 24-25. For a complete listing of Chamber events, visit www.LittletonAreaChamber.com.